Specialist Lawyers in the Drafting of Legal Documents

Willpower - a firm of specialist Will Writers and Legal Document Lawyers.

By specialising in our chosen area of law, we are able to offer a very high level of expertise and keep our prices very competitive.

Our advisors currently write around 1,000 documents every year and we believe that the reason for this is because of the friendly and helpful way that we provide our services.

Most of our clients have been meaning to write a Will or one of the other documents that we produce for many years, while others are shocked and surprised to learn of the devastating effect that not taking proper care of their affairs can have on their loved ones.

Willpower advice ensures that you have the Will that you need, rather than the Will that you want - this is how we helped Mr & Mrs Arthurs from Droitwich:

"We thought we needed a simple will - leaving everything to each other and then to our children - and had made a Will on the internet a few years ago which did that. It was only when we spoke to friends who were clients of Willpower that we found out that our Will could resolve a number of other issues (avoiding paying for care homes being the main one for us). My wife and I would like to thank Willpower for sorting us out and doing a Will for us which we actually needed, rather than one we thought we needed"

Willpower advice helps you to find solutions and resolve issues that you may not be able to deal with without expert help. This is how we helped Mr & Mrs Downing from Redditch:

"We were stuck, we didn't know how to leave our posessions and money to our families and had done nothing about it. It seemed thet we were in an impossible situation. However after a discussion with Willpower we found out that there was a way for us to deal with our quandries by using a trust and we now have Wills - a job that we had put off for over 10 years because we didn't know what to do"

We also help people who don't have difficult or complicated Wills to make. This is what Mrs Lawley of Stourbridge had to say about our service.

"Excellent service in the comfort of my home which made the whole procedure very relaxed and with no undue pressure"

And this is what Mr & Mrs Howard of Paralimni in Cyprus had to say:

"We found the whole issue of making a Will in Cyprus very confusing, but Jane explained things to us in plain English and we're relieved now that we have been able to sort matters out."